 Contact GFS Relocations for a pre-move survey.
 If renting, advise your current landlord or agent, in writing, of your intention to move
 Advise your children’s school / kindergarten and have transfer documents sent to your new school / kindergarten. Some Schools, especially International Schools, require a full term’s notice if a student is withdrawing.
 Create a file for paperwork, receipts and important documents pertaining to your move.
 Determine tax requirements.
 Consider what household goods to take. Be careful to check regulations before shipping a vehicle.
 Inventory/photograph home contents for protection coverage.
 Identify those items of particularly high value and have them appraised.
 Contact insurance, bank, financial, medical, dental contacts re: changes, transfers of document or records.
 Pre-advise clubs, and organizations about anticipated departure.
 Consider what appliances and electronics will be taken back (consider voltage, obsolescence)
 Use the internet to obtain relevant information about destination or, ask GFS Relocations
 Consider which purchases you need to make.
 Start to use up things you can’t move, such as frozen food and cleaning supplies. 6 WEEKS BEFORE YOU MOVE
 Establish (re-establish) contact with healthcare professionals at destination.
 Consider movement of pets and their veterinary needs.
 Complete change-of-address notifications for friends, family, vendors, and service providers.
 Take steps to sell car(s), club memberships.
 Contact the foreign consulate for helpful information if necessary 4 WEEKS BEFORE YOU MOVE
 Moving Sale (Garage Sale) to dispose of items you do not wish to ship.
 Clean closets, storage areas
 Notify utility services of your intention to move so that they can arrange final readings 3 WEEKS TO GO
 Have airfreight segregated to include “survival kit” of essentials for destinations.
 Consider fumigation of selected items; polish/lacquering of silver, brass, copper.
 Sort through toys and assemble small parts.
 Arrange for professional handling or servicing of specialty items such as wall units, piano, valuable clocks, audio/visual equipment, and sports equipment. For special handling, contact your GFS Relocations Move coordinator
 Settle club dues, fees. Consider “inactive” membership if it is available and there is a possibility you will return.


 Collect children’s school records, immunization certificates etc. for the new school.
 Arrange to disconnect your essential services, gas, water, phone and electricity and settle charges.
 Inform your doctor, dentist and other medical specialists of your move. Collect your records or request transfer to your new practitioners.
 Record the contact numbers and email addresses of friends, service providers, vendors with whom you may wish to keep in touch.
 Photocopy duplicates of necessary papers (passports, tax records)
 Arrange Post Mail Redirection Service application to redirect your mail to your new address.
 Return items you have borrowed; collect things you have lent.
 Reserve a baby-sitter and pet-sitter for moving day, if necessary. 1 WEEK TO GO
 Dispose of flammables, BBQ gas, cleaning solvents.
 Clean BBQ thoroughly if you are shipping to new destination.
 Have a final clean-out and dispose out-of-date materials from under the kitchen sink, garage, laundry, etc.
 Commence home repairs essential to getting the home deposit returned: wall touch-up, mail hole filling, floor polishing.
 Bring home office records, files, equipment which need to be packed.

 Keep a few things out for the kids on move day.
 Pick up all items from vendors or repair firms.
 Empty and clean sports bag contents.
 Finalize valued inventory for protection coverage. Be sure to recognize surface, freight, and airfreight.


 Empty, clean, dry, add baking soda/sachet to refrigerator, freezer
 Mark the cords of appliances to designate 110 volts vs. 220 volts.
 Finalize personal documents/papers into suitable carrier. Do same for personal valuables.
 Close / transfer accounts.
 Assemble pharmaceutical needs. Clean out medicine cabinet.
 Seal up spices, and other consumables you’ll need at destination, if you are shipping these. (please note that some destinations do not allow food of any kind to be shipped)
 Be sure that the final cleaning of home is scheduled as a “walk through” with landlord for prompt return of security/damage deposit.

 Place all suitcases and essential items you need in one specified place eg. Bathroom or car, so they are not loaded in the removal van or container
 Review home with the crew supervisor; point out special care items and special packing procedures.
 Set aside and carry all valuables and important papers and passports with you.
 Ensure children and pet’s are safe and out of harm’s way.
 Make sure the packers pack categorically – air, sea and storage – don’t mix.
 Keep copies of PASSPORT, paperwork, inventory, and insurance with you.
 Be sure that GFS Relocations has an update of your needs, instructions, contacts and timetable.
 Before the movers leave, make a final inspection to check for left-behind items.
 Lock all doors and windows as you leave.

Be sure to contact GFS Relocations at Tel: 24316530 if you have any questions or concerns before your move