Children love a good adventure and will most likely embrace the move if they are involved in all aspects along the way. Here are some tips for getting your kids excited about your move:
•Tell your kids about the move as soon as possible so they don’t overhear the news by accident
•Involve your children in all aspects of your move, including planning the move, and tasks that are appropriate to their age
•On move day keep your kids occupied—younger children can pack a special box with their most treasured possessions. They can even decorate the outside of the box so they can quickly find it in your new home
•Encourage your children to take the time to say good-bye to friends and exchange contact information so they can stay in touch
•Make plans to continue your child’s current activities (such as scouts, sports, dance classes, etc.) in your new community—continuity will make adjusting to a new location much easier
•Ask for their input on decorating or arranging things in their new rooms